MWRD Works Behind the Scenes During NATO Summit

Credits Chicago Police Department for keeping the peace

The Cook County agency responsible for sewage treatment and storm water management for the five million residents of Cook County worked quietly behind the scenes in preparation for the NATO Summit as thousands of protestors and foreign dignitaries converged on downtown Chicago the past week.
"We place a heavy emphasis on security year round, but we have been especially prudent in preparing for any emergencies that may have affected our operations before, during and after the NATO summit," said  David St. Pierre, executive director of the Metropolitan Water Reclamation District of Greater Chicago (MWRD).
The MWRD maintains a police force that is responsible for physically protecting personnel and securing facilities and outlying properties. Operating remote monitoring cameras with digital video recorders and networking capabilities, the police remained on duty 24/7 before and during the NATO summit, along with other essential MWRD personnel.
“There is no better outcome in a high-alert condition than the outcome this weekend,” said St. Pierre. “CPD, thank you and job well done!”


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