Field Investigation Work Underway for Arkansas Utility

After the field investigations, an engineering analysis of field survey data will be performed & RJN will make recommendations for repairs

RJN Group Russellville City Corporation sanitary sewer evaluation

After having completed a flow data analysis as part of Phase 1 in the Russellville (Ark.) City Corp.’s sanitary sewer evaluation survey (SSES), RJN Group Inc. is now continuing work on Phase 2, which consists of field investigation work of priority areas within the system.

The fieldwork investigations that RJN will perform include:

  • ·        Manhole and visual pipe inspections;
  • ·        Smoke testing;
  • ·        Dye water flooding;
  • ·        Cleaning and television inspections; and
  • ·        Data analysis.

In order to have the involvement and understanding of the community, RJN will conduct a public notification program prior to conducting field investigations.  Press releases, informational meetings, and notification door hangers will all be used as parts of the Program in order to notify residents, building owners, and property managers of upcoming investigations.

At the conclusion of the field investigations, an engineering analysis of field survey data will be performed, and RJN will develop recommendations for prioritizing I/I source repairs.  RJN will also support City Corp and their representatives in formulating a capital improvement plan (CIP) to provide the Russellville City Corp. with a rehabilitation plan, capacity improvements, a staged priority schedule and budget costs for recommended projects.

RJN Group

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