Storm Water Rates Deemed Unreasonable

The Public Service Commission of Brookfield, Wis., has deemed that the town’s storm water rates are discriminatory and must be changed by September.

The water fees went into place in 2003, and since that time the town has excessively charged condominiums, duplexes and apartments, when compared with single-family homes.

The commission proposed an alternative rate structure, but according to Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, resident Owen Durigan, objected to that one as well, as they would continue to offer single-family homes a bigger reduction. Durigan filed a petition to have the commission reconsider the decision.

In 2003, the Town Board voted to remove storm water costs from the annual property tax and bill property owners a quarterly users fee. This would allow the town to have money for flood and erosion control projects for tax-exempt properties like churches and hospitals. Residents were charged based on their number of dwelling units, rather than measuring the exact impervious area.

A study showed that the rates were not fair, as single-family homes had more area than an individual condominium, but the residents would pay the same amount.

Milwaukee Journal Sentinel

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