Jan 28, 2009

Stockton Infrared’s AITscan Division Acquires Megapixel IR Imaging System

System will be used to provide thermal mapping services throughout North America

Stockton Infrared Thermographic Services, Inc. (SITS) announces that its AITscan Division has acquired a ThermoVision SC8000 Infrared Imaging System from FLIR Systems, Inc.

SITS is a provider of infrared (IR) thermographic services. SITS was founded by Gregory R. Stockton in 1989 and has innovated numerous infrared applications. The AITscan division provides aerial infrared thermographic surveys to locate roof moisture, detect steam leaks, detect pollution and provide specialized thermal mapping services to military bases, campuses, large facilities and local and city municipalities.

The new imaging system will be utilized primarily to provide thermal mapping services throughout North America. The system offers high-speed IR imaging, so it will also be used to conduct scientific research. “This new system will allow us to fly larger areas and acquire higher resolution imagery of those areas, providing our customers with increased value for their money,” Stockton stated.

“We have six very high-resolution imaging systems in our division, but this is the first Megapixel system,” said Alejandro Tache, AITscan division manager. “We will be using this system for our most challenging projects, and plan to develop some new applications for energy-saving programs.”