New Spray Nozzle Removal System for EPA Compliance

Pre-packaged system for mixing water, removing THMs is designed around air-induction system

A new, low-cost spray nozzle THM removal system for medium and small tanks can help municipalities with limited budgets comply with U.S. Environmental Protection agency (EPA) Stage 2 DBPR (disinfectants and disinfection by-products rule). The SolarBee Spray Nozzle THM removal system is effective at removing all four types of regulated trihalomethanes.

“Spray nozzles are a proven technology for removing volatile organic compounds, and we designed this economical system specifically for municipalities whose budgets are already stretched,” SolarBee President Joel Bleth said. “As with our air-diffusion THM removal system, the spray nozzle system is scalable to fit the customer’s application.”

The spray nozzle system provides tank mixing and THM removal in one complete package. A submersible pump pushes water through the spray nozzles, where THMs are volatilized and removed from the water. Simultaneously, some of the pump flow also is directed through an efficient mixer located near the bottom of the tank, which ensures that the water exiting the spray nozzles is well mixed with the remaining water in the tank. During the winter in cold climates, the spray nozzle function can be switched off while allowing the mixing function to perform, preventing ice damage in the tank.

The entire spray nozzle THM removal system is portable and pre-packaged for end-user or contractor installation, with minimal permanent infrastructure changes. It includes the spray nozzle assembly, tank mixing system, submersible pump, piping and tank adapter. A two-year warranty is standard, and SolarBee’s BeeKeeper maintenance and service plan is available.

SolarBee Inc.

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