Fiberglass Enclosures for Water Filtration

Oct. 25, 2023
Allied Moulded Success Story


Water filtration systems have important components that need to remain in a sealed environment. In particular, electrical components run key parts of the operation and need protection from the elements. Fiberglass electrical boxes are able to meet these needs as a part of a system that produces clean drinking water.


The customer provides water filtration for municipal, residential, commercial and industrial use cases. The electrical boxes used in the filtration process have to meet wide-ranging criteria for the full scale of uses implemented.


  • Enclosure material. The enclosure material needed to be watertight and resistant to corrosion.
  • Box size. Electrical boxes had to scale to a number of different sizes depending on the many applications at play.
  • Indoor and outdoor applications. For the sake of order efficiency, the same boxes had to be viable for indoor and outdoor use.
  • High-stakes use cases. The boxes were part of a vital system that provided clean drinking water to the masses.


To meet all of the needs of the water treatment applications, two boxes were selected and modified. Between the two of them, they were able to serve the entire operation.

The first of the two boxes is the AM483612L. This is a fiberglass electrical box that is roughly 48X36 inches. The large box houses integral electrical elements used in water filtration. The box utilizes stainless steel hardware to ensure hinges, latches and other portions will hold up over time. Because the box is able to serve so many use cases in water filtration, it became a scalable solution that could be delivered in high volumes.

The second box selected is the AM30240RT. This enclosure is also made from fiberglass, but it is considerably smaller. At 30X24 inches, it fits smaller roles and houses electrical equipment for portions of the filtration system that are cramped or more sparsely populated. Like the other enclosure, this proved to be a scalable solution. The price point and adaptability of the enclosure allows it to operate in many different locations, it plays a vital role in maintaining water quality for thousands of people.

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