Spitzer & Boyes to Offer Flowmeter Seminars

Spitzer and Boyes, LLC, will again present its unique series of seminars based on the "The Consumer Guide to..." series of books, authored by David W. Spitzer and Walt Boyes.
The upcoming seminars will be held in Northern New Jersey from October 25-29, 2004.
The seminars will cover topics such as, "Differential Pressure Flow Transmitters," "Magnetic Flowmeters," "Ultrasonic Flowmeters," "Coriolis Mass Flowmeters" and "Vortex Shedding and Fluidic Flowmeters."
Attendees may select one or more of the seminars, or attend all five.
"The seminar tuition will include a copy of the book each seminar is based on," reports David W. Spitzer, the seminar leader and principal of Spitzer and Boyes, LLC. "Each of these guides is the first independent look at the world's flowmeters, with ranking by performance, size, and supplier," Spitzer continued, "and each guide contains information about evaluating and applying these flowmeters."
These seminars are designed for a target audience that is made up of individuals who select, specify, install, and use these flowmeters, although vendor personnel may also gain great benefit by attending.
The seminar outline and registration information can be obtained at www.spitzerandboyes.com or by calling 845/623-1830.


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