Aug 04, 2009

South Carolina Representative Receives APWA Citation for Exemplary Service to Public Works

James E. Clyburn’s initiatives “have contributed immensely to essential public infrastructure projects”

Rep. James E. Clyburn (D-S.C.) was recently presented the 2009 Citation for Exemplary Service to Public Works by the American Public Works Association (APWA) during a recognition event at the South Carolina State House in Columbia, S.C.

“On behalf of APWA, I am honored to present Rep. Clyburn with this much-deserved recognition,” said APWA President Noel Thompson. “During his 16-year tenure in the United States House of Representatives, Congressman Clyburn’s efforts and initiatives over his long and distinguished career have contributed immensely to essential public infrastructure projects, which are the backbone of society and provide the critical, life-sustaining services on which the American public relies.”

Currently serving as the third-highest ranking leader in the House of Representatives, Clyburn’s contributions and achievements on behalf of public works infrastructure have been substantial for the state of South Carolina and the United States. “Clearly, his state and national commitment have helped to rebuild the infrastructure that sustains our towns, cities and rural communities, which includes our roads, bridges, public transportation systems and airports, our drinking water and wastewater
infrastructure, our solid waste systems, our historic preservation and improvements, as well as parks and public buildings,” Thompson said. “Congressman Clyburn understands the role that public infrastructure plays in protecting the environment, creating jobs, improving public health and safety, contributing to economic vitality and enhancing our quality of life.”

In addition to his national service to public works, Clyburn has been a leader and advocate for public works improvements in his home state of South Carolina, such as the replacement of the Cooper River Bridge in Charleston, improvements to Highway 30 in Bamberg, the creation of an intermodal transportation center in Sumter and funding for the Lake Marion Regional Water Agency, as well as the state’s Intelligent Transportation System’s electronic roadway signs. He has also advocated on behalf of the state’s public works profession with his support of planners, engineers and designers.

The APWA Citation for Exemplary Service to Public Works recognizes an eminent government or other public service leader for their far-reaching, positive impact on local, state or national public works programs, services or policies.