Jun 22, 2010

SolarBee Debuts Lease-Purchase and Rental Plans

New SolarBee lease-purchase and rental plans help municipalities solve water quality challenges without a capital expenditure. SolarBee monthly lease-purchase and rental plans are available for all reservoir applications, including wastewater, raw water reservoirs, potable water storage tanks, lakes, storm water ponds, water reuse ponds, industrial ponds and others.

“The lease-purchase plan and the rental plan are intended to help cities eliminate the lump sum payment for equipment and installation required in a straight purchase,” said Pat Schnaidt, vice president of marketing, SolarBee. “Another plus is that these options avoid the need to pass bond issues.”

Lease-purchase plan: The standard plan offers up to five years of financing, allows for early payoff with no penalty and includes a non-appropriation clause as well as the BeeKeeper maintenance and support plan. “Funding a SolarBee purchase with the new lease-purchase plan allows municipalities to ‘pay with their savings,’” Schnaidt said.

Rental plan: SolarBee's new rental plan allows a municipality to rent equipment initially and convert to a lease-purchase plan or straight purchase later. “This try-before-you-buy plan makes it easy for municipalities to rent the equipment initially and convert to a lease-purchase plan or straight purchase later,” Schnaidt said. “A city can decide if the SolarBee solution will work for their application without a significant capital outlay.”

SolarBee long-distance water circulators aim to help improve water quality and biodiversity in freshwater lakes, help eliminate thermal stratification and stagnation in potable water and provide energy savings and reduce odor issues in wastewater and industrial water reservoirs.

SolarBee’s Long-Distance Circulation technology pulls water from a fixed depth and moves it at an almost frictionless, or near-laminar, flow through long distances. The solar-powered, floating circulators operate day and night with a low-voltage motor and onboard battery system, aiming for continuous, energy-efficient water quality improvement.