Software Offers Cost Effective Downtime and Performance Reporting

SyTech, Inc., a provider of automated report generation and data analysis software, has announced that XLReporter Version 2.1 includes new functionality to address performance reporting in manufacturing and process applications including vertical markets such as water and wastewater, automotive, biotech, food; beverage, oil, gas, power generation and power distribution.

XLReporter enables the use of Microsoft Excel technology for automated reporting in the industrial marketplace. Earlier versions focused on the acquisition, formatting and generation of reports. This new release extends XLReporter with a real-time and persistent database, able to monitor field-based variables, generating new and valuable aggregate report information. The initial offering includes three specific functions--Profile, Statistic and Difference--able to provide a thorough analysis of digital, analog and totalized source data.

"This release clearly differentiates our product from any other reporting tool on the market." said Peter Kaprielian, CTO of SyTech. "All other solutions offer technology to simply acquire and format data. Some perform rudimentary calculations for totalization or averaging, etc. None specifically address the unique requirements of the industrial automation space and their vertical market complexities to the extent of XLReporter."


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