Apr 02, 2014

Therma-Flite to Expand Arkansas Facility

The expansion will provide an opportunity for growth & jobs in the local community

Therma-Flite El Dorado Arkansas

Therma-Flite announced an expansion at its El Dorado, Ark. facility. The expansion of the El Dorado facility is set to be completed in two phases and will more than double the square-footage of the company’s El Dorado location. The expansion is a result of an early building buyout of the Champagnolle Road facility leased by Therma-Flite and is expected to have a significant impact on the economic development of the city.

The California-based company opened its El Dorado location in August 2012 and was set to create at least 50 jobs for the community. The 40,000-sq-ft facility manufactures drying systems to turn Class B biosolids into Class A biosolids safe for the environment. The El Dorado location employs electricians, welders, fabricators and engineers, and most recently partnered with South Arkansas Community College to equip future graduates of their welding program.

Therma-Flite's plant manager, Donald Lee, described it as a "great opportunity to build jobs" and says the expansion of the facility and partnership with the college offer "good, steady jobs" for graduates.

"We can take students right after they graduate," adds Lee. A move that will keep young people closer to home. The El Dorado location is projected to add more than $3 million to the local community. Seventy-three percent of the company’s employees are Union County and El Dorado residents which, according to Lee, brings payroll into the very community the employees spend their monies. Therma-Flite also purchases goods and services from local vendors. 

Construction of the first phase is expected to begin in late April. The compant attributes the success of the venture to the city of El Dorado, the El Dorado Economic Development Board, the Union County Industrial Board, the El Dorado Chamber of Commerce, and the Arkansas Economic Development Commission.

Therma-Flite's expansion in El Dorado is a result of massive company growth which made it necessary for the company to expand its plant significantly sooner than planned. Company representatives reveal the expansion will include increased manufacturing and office space dedicated to research, development, and other operations.