Nov 29, 2016

Bio Huma Netics Opens New Lab Facility

Alpha Synectics Laboratory located near headquarters

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Bio Huma Netics Inc. (BHN) held a dedication ceremony to open its new Alpha Synectics Laboratory facility during its 2016 World Conference. This expansion of BHN’s laboratory capabilities enables BHN to move in-house in terms of product development and improvement, quality control and verification, carbon extraction and characterization, and bioassay and microbial studies.

The Alpha Synectics Laboratory staff includes two formulation chemists, an analytical chemist, a soil chemist and a phycologist.

“This world-class laboratory will better enable us to develop new products, as well as maintain the consistent high quality of our Huma Gro, Huma Gro Turf and Probiotic Solutions products,” said BHN Senior Director of Research and Development Rita Abi-Ghanem, Ph.D.

To equip this laboratory, BHN has invested in laboratory tools, including a PerkinElmer NexION 350 Inductively Coupled Plasma Mass Spectrometry (ICP-MS) unit for elemental analysis; an Elementar vario MAX for carbon and nitrogen determination; and a PerkinElmer Fourier Transform Infared Spectroscopy (FT-IR) unit for functional group characterization.

“I’m really excited about the capabilities that this new, fully equipped lab brings to BHN in terms of new product development and enhancements while maintaining excellent quality control over our existing products. The Alpha Synectics Laboratory consolidates BHNs role in developing innovative solutions for agriculture, turf, and soil and wastewater remediation,” said BHN President and CEO Lyndon Smith.

The name Alpha Synectics derives from Latin terms “alpha,” for “first,” and “synectics,” which means “problem solving/methodology.” Alpha Synectics Laboratory is located approximately one block from the main BHN headquarters at 1240 North Mondel in Gilbert, Ariz.