In-Situ, Inc. Announces Acquisition of Alpha Designs Ltd

In-Situ, Inc. has announced the acquisition of Alpha Designs Ltd, Victoria, British Columbia, Canada. Alpha Designs is the leading manufacturer of total dissolved gas sensors and handheld tensionometers for water quality monitoring. In-Situ will make the Alpha Designs product portfolio available through its surface water quality product offering and through In-Situ Rentals.
The Alpha Design products are designed for measuring real-time total dissolved gases in water in order to avoid supersaturation of atmospheric gases, such as nitrogen and oxygen. Avoiding supersaturation of atmospheric gases in water is critical to healthy fish populations.
Alpha Designs is an employee owned, full–service, manufacturing company. Manufacturing, research and development, marketing, and sales for Alpha Designs products will relocate to the In-Situ, Inc. corporate headquarters in Fort Collins, Colo.
For more information on TDG sensors or any other In-Situ products, please contact In-Situ at 1-800-446-7488 toll free or 1-970-498-1500 locally and internationally.

In-Situ, Inc.

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