Jason Wuliger is co-founder and vice president of SplashLink.com. Wuliger can be reached at [email protected] or 440.497.0047.
Nov 02, 2015

Simplifying the Search for New Business Opportunities

Between drought, algae, deteriorating infrastructure and increased regulatory scrutiny, the demands on the water industry have never been higher. The outside observer might think that meeting those demands would be enough to keep engineering firms, solutions providers, distributors and new technology companies plenty busy.

If you’re on the front lines of trying to win business, you know it is not so simple. Knowing that the demand is out there is not the same thing as knowing where your next project is going to come from. Whether your niche is storm water, wastewater, groundwater or drinking water, you do not want to worry that you are missing out on opportunities on which you could be bidding.

New projects are being launched every day across North America, but it is tough to stay on top of the action. Communities and utilities tend to advertise their needs locally, so knowing exactly where to look is hard, and knowing when to look is even more crucial. Nothing is more frustrating than hearing too late about a project perfectly suited to your offerings and realizing you just missed the deadline on a project you could have won.

As vice president of SplashLink.com, I hear frustrations like these every day. We live in the Information Age, after all, and it shouldn’t have to be so hard. And indeed it does not. SplashLink.com was created to make the work faster and easier. Our resources are designed to be a Web-based “one stop” exclusively for the water industry that provides access to help you find one another as well as millions in funding and thousands of project opportunities.

I am thrilled to be blogging for W&WD, and I look forward to providing you with insights on where the opportunities are, and what the market demand for your products and services is looking like. As we get going, you’re going to start seeing a sample of active, water-specific opportunities, scrolling right here on the W&WD site.

SplashLink.com and W&WD want to help you spend more time working on what you do best, and less time searching for the right projects to apply your skills. We’re here to help. So, until next time, good luck out there, and stay tuned for more.

Jason Wuliger is co-founder and vice president of SplashLink.com. Wuliger can be reached at [email protected] or 440.497.0047.