Sep 10, 2021

Simplified Solinst 4G LevelSender Telemetry with Built-in SIM Card

The LevelSender Software features an easy-to-follow "wizard" to set up your LevelSender data collection schedule and data recipients. 

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Solinst Canada Ltd. announced the release of a 4G version of the Model 9500 LevelSender 5 telemetry system. 

According to the press release, the LevelSender 5 offers a simple and inexpensive means to collect water level data from remote Solinst data loggers.  

The LevelSender 5 uses wireless cellular communication to send water data from the field, to your email, as a text message, and to a dynamic database on your home station computer. You have complete control of your data; you can receive it in whatever way works best for you. 

The New 9500 4G features the option of a Solinst SIM card that is activated and pre-installed before shipping. The LevelSender 5 is set up in advance, simplifying the programming and installation process—it truly is a plug and play solution for remote water level monitoring, reported the press release. 

The Solinst SIM Card gives you access to wider network coverage, as it scans multiple service providers automatically selecting the strongest signal for your location. Eliminate frustrations with other service providers and set up a low-cost, competitive data-only plan managed and billed directly through Solinst—never overpay for unused data again!  

The LevelSender is compact, and designed to fit discreetly inside a 2 inch well. A Levelogger and Barologger can be connected to each LevelSender. The 4G LevelSender 5 has low power needs; it uses three 1.5V AA replaceable lithium batteries. With each remote data report, the battery level remaining and LevelSender and datalogger status are also sent for remote monitoring purposes. 

The LevelSender Software features an easy-to-follow "wizard" to set up your LevelSender data collection schedule and data recipients. LevelSender Software can also be used to perform diagnostics and firmware upgrades. 

Telemetry saves you time and money by reducing the number of trips to the field. The LevelSender 5 saves you additional time with two-way communication and the ability to remotely control and update a LevelSender from the home station computer.

For more information on the LevelSender 5 4G with SIM Card, read more here.