Jan 24, 2007

Siemens Water Technologies Makes Four U.S. Acquisitions

Siemens Water Technologies recently acquired four companies in the U.S. in order to supplement its product portfolio for disinfection and ultra-pure water solutions.

Siemens has taken over Envirotrol, CEC, Pure Water Solutions and Sunlight Systems with total sales of 25 million USD.

"We are implementing our strategy of using specific acquisitions to supplement our range of technological products and improve the service we provide close to the customer," said Roger Radke, CEO of the Water Technologies Division, which is part of the Siemens Industrial Solutions and Services Group (I&S).

With these acquisitions, the company aims to expand the Division's service portfolio for activated carbon water treatment. By acquiring Envirotrol, Inc., Darlington, Penn., and Clean Environmental Concepts (CEC), the Vancouver, Wash., Siemens has strengthened its regional presence in the east and in the northwest of the United States. Radke explained that Envirotrol, which operates a carbon reactivation plant licensed to RCRA Part B (Resource Conservation and Recovery Act), enables Siemens Water Technologies to double its carbon reactivation capability.

The acquisition of Pure Water Solutions of Hubbard, Ore., helps Siemens to expand its range of deionization (SDI) products and services in the northwest of the United States. The SDI method supplies ultra-pure water for laboratories and the microelectronics industry as well as for other industrial applications.

Siemens acquired Sunlight Systems from Allendale, N.J., expanding its range of disinfection products and solutions. Sunlight supplies a variety of water purification applications for disinfection, TOC (Total Organic Carbon) reduction and for the elimination of ozone and chlorine in water.