Apr 15, 2009

Siemens Releases New Web Monitoring and Control System

Link2Site Flex solution provides broader capabilities

Siemens Water Technologies has released the Link2Site Flex solution, a wireless-to-Web remote monitoring and control solution that can be added to industrial equipment or processes.

The Link2Site Flex solution differs from the previous Link2Site generation of systems in that it is not “process specific,” providing broader monitoring, controlling and trending capabilities and establishing a platform for more proactive troubleshooting. The solution is well suited for a company wanting to provide extended warranty, more comprehensive process guarantees and easy, low-cost access to centrally located technical expertise.

Link2Site Flex combines a simple, intuitive Web-based user interface with the coverage and strength of cellular networks. This provides a reliable, secure and easy-to-install remote monitoring and control system without the struggles of maintaining user-owed software.

System operators can view and monitor key process information contained within their PLC from anywhere and at any time using a Web browser and an Internet connection. They can ensure that critical equipment is always operating, optimize process operation and reduce maintenance and service costs. Operators can also change operating setpoints, be notified of out-of-bounds operation, view historical trends and download process data for further analysis all from the Link2Site website. Users can trend any monitored points in their system, defining monitoring parameters to fit their unique needs.

The Link2Site Flex modem connects to the process PLC, providing a secure cellular interface to the Link2Site website.

Link2Site Flex can be tacked onto existing process automation and control systems such as the SmartBNR or SmartCannibal systems. Doing so would allow Siemens’ technical experts to provide process optimization and troubleshooting services without the necessity of a site visit. Siemens hopes to integrate the Link2Site Flex solution into all of its future control panels.