Nov 29, 2010

Siemens to Provide Wastewater Treatment System for Chinese Industrial Park

System will utilize Siemens' membrane bioreactor technology

Siemens (Tianjin) Water Technology Engineering Co. Ltd. received an order from Shenzhen Zhongying Precious Metal Co. Ltd. worth several million dollars. Siemens will provide a wastewater treatment system capable of handling 9,000 tons per day of domestic wastewater for Shenzhen Lilang International Jewelry Industry Park (SZLIJIP). The solution will use Siemens advanced MemPulse membrane bioreactor (MBR) system. This engineering project will be the first of its kind for Siemens in China with underground MBR construction from a private-owned investment enterprise. The wastewater treatment system is scheduled to start up by the middle of 2011.

Membrane bioreactor systems combine the advantages of traditional biological treatment with membrane treatment processes. Compared to traditional treatment processes, MBR systems can provide reduced land area, improved effluent quality and reduced sludge output. According to Siemens, the MemPulse MBR system represents the latest in advanced water treatment technology: Instead of introducing air continuously to the membrane modules, the MemPulse system uses a mechanical device that supplies irregular pulses of air to scour the membranes. This reduces the aeration system energy consumption and decreases operation and maintenance costs.

As a significant construction project in Shenzhen, SZLIJIP represents a total investment of about $200 million. According to Siemens, it is the biggest jewelry industry base in China, covering jewelry processing, manufacturing, exposition, auction, wholesale and international trading. SZLIJIP incorporates environmentally friendly and low-carbon-emission design through an international environmental engineering consultant company for the overall industrial park planning and detailed engineering design works.