Siemens to Provide IPS Composting System Agitators for New Jersey Composting Plan

Contract part of upgrade to county's 10-year-old composting plant

Siemens Water Technologies has been awarded a contract to provide five IPS composting system agitators to the Burlington County, N.J., Board of Chosen Freeholders as part of an upgrade to the county’s 10-year-old composting plant. The plant supports the county’s biosolids composting and beneficial use program for 14 municipal wastewater treatment plants. The new IPS equipment will replace the plant’s existing 10-year-old Siemens’ composting agitators. Two agitators will be delivered this year, with the other three installed in early 2009. This schedule will allow the capital cost to be spread out for two fiscal years, and the entire order delivered within the shortest time frame so as not to impede plant operations.

The IPS Composting System is an enclosed in-vessel, agitated, aerated, automated composting process with biofiltration odor control. It transforms dewatered biosolids, municipal solid waste and source-separated organics into high-quality compost products. The system also stabilizes residual waste in mechanical biological treatment. A sustainable solution to today’s climate concerns, the IPS system provides landfill diversion, composting process control and responsible use of organic residuals.
At Burlington County, Siemens conducted onsite composting system studies to help determine the best plan for implementing the upgrade while meeting the county’s budget. Siemens also worked with its suppliers to meet the challenge of a relatively tight timeline.

The new IPS equipment will allow the county to continue its success managing biosolids from the wastewater treatment plants, thus providing beneficial use of the compost product and reducing greenhouse gases to the environment.


Alaska project

Can a sales rep get ahold of me for info on sewage waste into compost capabilities and costs been a while to build another plan. Mathew Dickson I think that's his last name any way I could use some info also would like to talk to mat if he hasent retired thank you

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