Oct 13, 2010

Siemens Introduces New Ionpure LX-45Z Module

Product offers continuos electrodeionization with higher flow rates for industrial applications

Siemens recently introduced the Ionpure LX-45Z continuous electrodeionization (CEDI) module for industrial post-reverse osmosis (RO) water purification. The module offers benefits in the hydrocarbon/chemical processing, power, electronics and laboratory markets, such as a 50% higher flow rate in a single module compared to earlier LX modules. The LX-45Z module also offers an extremely compact design, cost-effective materials and robust, double o-ring construction.

The latest addition to the LX product line, the LX-45Z module incorporates Siemens’ proven, non-chemically-regenerated CEDI technology, while incorporating less expensive industrial chlorinated polyvinyl chloride materials. By adding additional CEDI cells, the module is capable of higher flow rates for RO permeate polishing without the cost premium imposed by stringent pharmaceutical material compliance.

The 50% flow capacity increase per module reduces the number of pipe connections needed in systems using multiple modules. This results in simplified water system integration, ease in mounting to a polishing skid and lower capital cost. Another benefit is the module’s small footprint, which measures 12.54 in. (318.4 mm) x 34.6 in. (880 mm) x 29.4 in. (747 mm), with an operational flow range of 11.3 to 33.8 gpm (2.55 to 7.67 cu meters per hour).