Oct 21, 2008

Siemens Announces Product Line Additions

New additions focus on sustainable water management

Siemens Water Technologies announced four product line additions at WEFTEC. The additions support water sustainability through new waste-to-energy technologies and developments in membrane bioreactor technologies for greater efficiency.

The company recently licensed the Crown sludge disintegration system. The system is a cell lysing process, which is installed after the sludge thickeners but before the digester, eliminates digester foaming, increases methane gas production by up to 30% and reduces solids for disposal by 20%. The system complements Siemens' Dystor dual-membrane gas holder system that captures biogas produced by the anaerobic process.
Siemens also added a new sludge belt dryer. The new convective belt dryer comes in a one- or two-belt design that provides uniform evaporation and has an adjustable speed belt.

The third product is a licensed technology called the ELODE (Electro-Osmosis Dehydrator) device. The device extracts both free and absorbed water from organic and inorganic residual materials. It can yield efficiencies greater than 40% dry solids, reducing typical municipal and industrial waste sludge volumes by at least half.

Effective management of biosolids also drastically reduces operating costs and greenhouse gas emissions--yet more ways technology can help sustain our environment," said Chuck Gordon, Siemens' president and chief executive officer.

Finally, the company released a new MBR technology, originating from the company's R&D center in Singapore. The MemPulse MBR device introduces air and mixed liquor into the bottom of the membrane modules through an "airlift effect." This increases scouring effectiveness, decreases operation and maintenance costs and reduces energy consumption.