Oct 02, 2008

Siemens’ Disc Filter Receives California Title 22 Approval

Title 22 regulation requires specific performance parameters for wastewater reuse

Siemens Water Technologies’ Forty-X disc filter is now compliant with the State of California Water Recycling Criteria (Title 22). As a result, the disc filter is an accepted filtration technology for projects that require Title 22 certification. More and more territories and countries are beginning to adopt Title 22 as an industry standard.

The Title 22 regulation requires filtration technologies to reliably meet specific performance parameters for wastewater reuse applications. Reuse water can be used for urban landscaping, agriculture, decorative lakes and fish hatcheries and a wide variety of industrial applications.

The data submitted to the California Department of Health Services was from an actual production unit tested in 2007 at a local water pollution control facility. The pilot test lasted for eight consecutive months and challenged the filter under a variety of hydraulic and solids load scenarios. The pleated woven cloth with absolute micron rated pores proved the consistent effluent quality of less than 2 NTU and less than 5 mg/L total suspended solids, regardless of incoming load. The high hydraulic loads also resulted with backwash percentages of less than 2% on average.