Shell Partners With City of Aurora on Use of Testing Water

Shell Pipeline Company LP is partnering with the city of Aurora, Colorado, to reclaim some of the 2 million gallons of water it has recently used to hydro test a new storage tank at its Chase Terminal. Shell reached an agreement with the city prior to the hydro test, allowing Aurora to reclaim some of the water that it had sold to Shell for the test. Given the recent drought, the city felt it prudent to use the water to irrigate vegetation throughout the city. A hydro test ensures that a tank will not leak by filling the tank with water and placing it under pressure for a period of time.

"Shell is pleased to be working with the city to assist in putting this water to good use, given the drought we have been facing," said Todd Colwell, supervisor of the Chase Terminal. "More than 16 trucks a day will collect water at our facility and take it to areas within Aurora in need of irrigation. This is a wonderful partnership and one that is helping to make the best use of an important resource."

Colwell explained that the tank in which the water is now held is a new steel tank and one that stored no petroleum products prior to hydro testing. The water has since been analyzed by Shell and the city of Aurora and has been confirmed to be suitable for irrigation.

Shell Oil Company

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