Severn Trent Services, Inc. wins $1.6 M Water-Recycling Contract

By demonstrating an ability to effectively reduce waste recycle tremendous amounts of water, Severn Trent Services was awarded a contract to install a unique water recycling system at Nucor Steel's Crawfordsville, Ind., sheet metal mill. The contract is valued at approximately $1.6 million.

Severn Trent will install two, dual-stage WS 1800 Samsco WasteSaver units to provide high quality recycled water to considerably reduce chemical-laden wastewater at the steel plant.

Samsco units minimize the environmental impact of Nucor's Cold Mill's three largest process wastewaters: pickle line rinse water, galvanizing alkaline rinse water and oily water waste from their cold rolling mills. The majority of the waste produced by the cold rolling steel operations is water. Each WS 1800 effectively removes the waste and returns clean water to the process, thereby addressing two challenges the factory faces: reducing or eliminating wastewater and keeping down the cost of water through recycling. Each of the WS 1800 units is capable of recycling 43,200 gallons of water everyday. Together, the two units being purchased will allow Nucor to recycle up to 22.6 million gallons of water every year.

Severn Trent Services, Inc.

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