Jun 25, 2009

Sensus Partners with Fluid Conservation Systems

Companies pair their products to create advanced leak detection solution

Sensus and Fluid Conservation Systems (FCS) will pair their products—Sensus’ FlexNet and FCS’ Permalog+ AMR—to provide an acoustic leak detection solution that can be used to enhance customer service, curb revenue loss due to leaks and promote conservation efforts of any sized water utility.

Under the agreement, the FCS acoustic monitoring device will interface to the FlexNet water SmartPoints to identify leaks and potential water disasters that result from unmonitored leaks. The Permalog+ AMR devices are magnetically attached to valves along the distribution lines and monitor advanced algorithms that detect acoustic sounds of leaks. That information will be read by FlexNet SmartPoints and the data will be transmitted over the network. Acoustic data will be transmitted through existing Tower Gateway Basestations to the utility for consistent monitoring.

“Because Permalog+ AMR attaches directly to the distribution line, it takes the guesswork out of other solutions that use service line monitoring, which doesn’t pinpoint the leak as accurately,” said FCS President Rob Fish. “This advantage can save thousands of dollars in unaccounted for water usage.”

In addition to FlexNet, the Permalog+ AMR device is also completely compatible with the Sensus RadioRead Walk-By and Drive-By systems. The FCS-Sensus agreement includes provisions for RadioRead systems to be included in the plans, in order to accommodate more than 3,400 utility users that exist throughout the country.