Feb 09, 2010

Seccua Establishes Distribution in Canadian Water Treatment Market

Company now distributes in cooperation with Forefront Initiatives, Inc.

Seccua Americas, LLC, the Americas sales and distribution arm of Seccua GmbH, is a provider of standardized ultra-filtration water treatment systems. Seccua now distributes its filtration systems in the Canadian market in cooperation with Forefront Initiatives, Inc. of Ontario, Canada.

Forefront Initiatives, Inc., has experience in the field of drinking water treatment for residential, commercial and small community applications. Approximately 20% of Canadian households are not connected to central drinking water supplies. As such, they are responsible for the quality of their drinking water. Since much of the drinking water in Canada is sourced from surface water, treatment is recommended to remove bacteria, viruses, parasites and legionella as well as turbidity and particles from the water. The distribution partnership allows Forefront to offer its customer base in Canada the entire Seccua product range.

An ISO 9001:2008 certified company, with manufacturing and R&D facilities located in Steingaden, Germany, Seccua GmbH manufactures its X-Spot, Virex Pro and Phoenix ultra-filtration water treatment systems to meet the regulatory requirements of most of Canada. Seccua systems include the features and functions for control and communication that are needed by most Canadian provinces, Seccua said. Fully automatic rinsing, automatic integrity testing, remote access and control and data logging are standard features of Seccua’s Virex Pro and Phoenix systems, the company said.

“We are pleased to have found an innovative and highly motivated technology
company with Seccua Americas, which can provide completely new innovation to
the Canadian market for water treatment,” said Claudio Cinapri, president of Forefront. “Our relationship with Seccua is driving Forefront to nationwide
expansion, in particular with dealers and suppliers of advanced water treatment
equipment as well as wholesalers of original equipment manufactures.”

“This cooperation with Forefront will bring us great synergies--Forefront is
intimately familiar with this segment of the Canadian water treatment market and we, as a technology leader, will provide our proprietary ultra-filtration water treatment systems to this rapidly growing market,” said Dan Wyckoff, general manager of Seccua Americas, LLC.