Apr 10, 2009

Scranton Gillette to Direct U.S./China Water Quality Cooperation Program

Series of seminars/workshops in China will help provide solutions for the country's water quality challenges

Scranton Gillette Communications, Inc., publisher of Water & Wastes Digest magazine, with support from the consulting firm BRISEA Intl., has been selected as the main contractor for the U.S. Trade and Development Agency’s Technical Assistance program for the U.S./China Water Quality Cooperation Program.

Scranton Gillette, a multimedia business-to-business publishing firm, will work with U.S. water industry suppliers and associations, the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency and the Chinese Ministry of Environmental Protection to produce a series of 12 seminars/workshops in China. The seminars/workshops are intended to help provide solutions for the water quality challenges facing China’s water and wastewater industry today.

“Our mission is to help the Chinese develop better regulatory procedures as well as offer technological solutions to their water quality problems,” said Hal Gillette, project manager and vice president at Scranton Gillette. “This is a great opportunity for U.S. manufacturers and suppliers to showcase their ability to provide solutions for the Chinese agencies tasked with improving the country’s water quality.

“Water & Wastes Digest already has a strong presence in the Chinese market and BRISEA has extensive knowledge of and experience in providing technological training in China,” Gillette said.

The seminars/workshops will be focused on municipal water and wastewater treatment; industrial wastewater treatment; sludge treatment and disposal; effective water pollution control; and regulatory enforcement.

China is projected to spend $725 billion over the next three years on infrastructure projects, including those for water and wastewater.

According to Gillette, the program will foster a public-private partnership, and establish a forum in which the U.S. government and private industries can share information and best practices with their Chinese counterparts in an effort to assist China in improving its water quality.

Scranton Gillette is a 100-year-old business-to-business publishing company, currently serving a variety of industries. Its brands include: Water & Wastes Digest, Water Quality Products, Storm Water Solutions, Roads & Bridges, Transportation Management + Engineering, GPN, Lawn & Garden Retailer, Big Grower and The Diapason.

For more information, contact Hal Gillette at [email protected] or by phone at 847.391.1033.