Jul 19, 2007

Scott Specialty Gases and Environmental Resource Associates Announce Proficiency Testing Program

Scott Specialty Gases announced it will collaborate with Environmental Resource Associate, a wholly owned subsidiary of Waters Corporation, to provide a comprehensive air and emissions proficiency testing (PT) program. Under the terms of the program, Scott will team with Environmental Resource Associates (ERA) to provide volatile organic standards for methods TO-14 and TO-15 that will complement ERA’s common air and emissions PT standards. ERA will sell the standards and administer the proficiency testing studies for industrial and contract environmental laboratories responsible for air and emissions testing performed in compliance with federal and state statutes.

Proficiency testing is widely employed by analytical laboratories testing soil, water and wastewater samples. State and federal regulations require the use of PT standards to demonstrate the accuracy of the analytical measurement process. Until now, the enforcement of air and emissions proficiency testing requirements has been slowed by the lack of a single PT provider with the capability and the expertise to provide all the required standards and administer the PT studies. Together, ERA and Scott Specialty will allow labs to source the standards and implement regulated air and emissions PT program under the auspices of a single PT provider.

“Air proficiency testing is something that analytical laboratories, regulators and end users have been requesting for some time and Scott is the perfect partner to provide the volatile gas standards for this new program,” said Dr. Carl Craig, president of ERA. “This air program allows us to provide a more comprehensive suite of PT standards and studies to our customers.”