Oct 04, 2015

Access Control System Offers Customizable Security Solution

The system incorporates mechanical lock hardware already being used in a facility

CyberLock Inc. provides a comprehensive access control solution for electric and water utilities, helping them meet industry standards for security.

The CyberLock access control solution is a full-featured, customizable access control system that incorporates mechanical lock hardware already being used in a facility. No structural changes are required to retrofit existing locks. Each mechanical lock core is replaced with a CyberLock e-cylinder to install full-featured, electronic access control. CyberLock electronic lock cylinders and padlocks are durable and do not require wiring, making them ideal for remote or outdoor locations.

The CyberLock system allows utility managers to track traffic throughout their facility, even in isolated areas with no available power, such as perimeter gates. The e-cylinders and keys record lock openings as well as unauthorized attempts to gain entry, including a user ID and time and date stamp. The system’s e-mail alerts and audit reporting of each person’s key and lock activity keep management updated, so informed decisions can be made when potential security issues arise.

CyberLock e-cylinders operate in a wide variety of applications where high security is required, such as entry gates, substations, containers, equipment closets, remote storage areas, trucks, storage bins, and more. CyberKey smart keys cannot be duplicated or copied and can be deactivated if lost or stolen to reduce the risk of unauthorized entry.

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