Dec 28, 2000

SafeScience and Universal Environmental Technologies To Market Chemical-free Scale Reduction and Water Treatment Systems

BOSTON -- SafeScience, Inc., announced that it has entered
into an agreement with Universal Environmental Technologies, (UET), to market
UET's chemical-free water treatment systems. SafeScience will act as a marketing
agent in the United States and throughout the world for UET's revolutionary
electrolytic equipment. The UET systems provide chemically safe water treatment
processes that reduce costs for their users.

Universal Environmental Technologies, LTD, (UET), is a private high technology
company specializing in engineering and manufacturing of wastewater, industrial
and irrigation application and recycling of water treatment systems. The purpose
of UET technology is to treat the water naturally using non-intervening methods
and to replace the traditional chemical and ozone-added water treatments.

SafeScience is developing and in-licensing a portfolio of efficacious
pharmaceutical, agricultural, and consumer products to be marketed under the
SafeScience(R) world brand, as an alternative to conventional products employing
potentially harmful chemicals.

"SafeScience is delighted to partner with UET in this arena,"
commented Richard Daoust, Ph.D., vice president of Agricultural Products at
SafeScience. "There are many benefits of this technology S It is very
important for us to offer our customers in industries throughout the world,
including our existing agricultural customers, the opportunity to make their
water treatment systems chemical- free."

Applications for the UET water treatment systems exist in many industries and
consumer areas including agriculture, pharmaceutical, paper, beverage, electric,
textile, mineral and mining, plastics, electronics and food. UET's technology
also has potential application for heavy-duty water users in municipalities,
commercial and institutional settings such as drinking water production plants,
waste water treatment plants for residential areas, retail/office buildings,
hotels, swimming pools, golf courses, home heating, etc. UET's water treatment
systems are currently used by many leading international companies.

David Sherzer, chairman and CEO of Universal Environmental Technologies, Inc.,
stated, "We are glad to partner with SafeScience in the marketing of these
technologies as SafeScience has been a proponent in the use of chemically safe
products for agriculture and other industries in the United States and

SOURCE: SafeScience, Inc.