Dec 28, 2000

R.W. Beck Acquires MacDonald Stephens Engineering

has acquired the southern California firm of MacDonald Stephens Engineering.
Based in San Diego, MacDonald Stephens is a leader in water/wastewater and
reclaimed water engineering and construction services.

are excited for MacDonald Stephens' outstanding staff to join us," said R.W.
Beck's national director of Infrastructure, Russ Stepp, "but the real
winners are our clients who now have access to even more valuable services. As
we combine talents and experience that we've built up at R.W. Beck with the
outstanding staff of MacDonald Stephens, we'll be able to offer uniquely
qualified teams to solve water/wastewater issues all over the world."

is an engineering-based consulting firm that provides consulting services to
public and private clients worldwide in the areas of water/wastewater and
surface water, environmental consulting, energy and management consulting.