RJN Group, Inc. Designs Collinsville’s $16 Million Wastewater Treatment Plant

The city of Collinsville, Ill, awarded RJN Group, Inc. a contract to design the expansion of their wastewater treatment plant. The expansion will increase the average daily flow from 4.4 to 8 mgd and is estimated to cost $16 million.
The expansion plan includes a phased-construction approach to meet specific short-term treatment needs due to the rapid growth of Collinsville. The expansion also includes the rehabilitation or replacement of most major process units in the existing plant including clarifier drives, aeration blowers and subsurface aeration equipment, all pumping equipment and electrical equipment including the standby generator.
New unit processes to be added include ultraviolet light disinfection, sludge thickening and nutrient removal through chemical precipitation. The existing 30-year-old control system will be replaced with a new supervisory control and data acquisition (SCADA) control system, and the backbone infrastructure for a citywide SCADA system will be included in the design.
Collinsville has also decided to include the RJN CASS WORKS maintenance management suite of applications for the new wastewater treatment plant and plans to include the assets from the wastewater collection system, the potable water plant and water distribution system under the CASS WORKS umbrella. The project will begin in February 2006 with design scheduled for completion in early 2007. Start-up is anticipated in 2009.

RJN Group, Inc.

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