RJN Group, Inc. Begins Comprehensive Flow Monitoring Program in Baltimore

RJN Group, Inc. was recently selected by the city of Baltimore to provide a comprehensive flow monitoring program for areas including the Gwynns Falls and Patapsco Sewersheds in addition to the city's main interceptor system. RJN will also be providing Doppler Radar Rainfall and rain gauges as part of the requirements under the Consent Decree issued by the U.S. EPA and the State of Maryland Department of the Environment (MDE). The project began in February 2006 and continue through February 2009.
RJN will be responsible for an extensive flow monitoring program throughout the sensitive Gwynns Falls and Patapsco Sewersheds. The program will consist of utilizing state-of-the-art wireless technology and open channel flow monitoring to determine a system-wide capacity assessment. Additionally, RJN Group, Inc. has been selected to monitor the city’s Interceptor System. This flow monitoring program includes monitoring in the most challenging conditions in the system. These sewers contain pipes up to and including 147 in. in diameter and serve as the main transporter of raw sewage to the city’s treatment plants.

RJN Group, Inc.

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