Nov 12, 2002

Mississippi Town Installs Nation's First RO/Ozone System

Editorial Emphasis

In Pascagoula, Mississippi, a plentiful groundwater supply had
become the source of widespread community concerns. Bounded on the south by the
Gulf of Mexico and the west by the Pascagoula River, the city had always
faithfully relied on this naturally filtered water source as it flowed to the
Gulf. However, contaminants found in the water -- although not considered
hazardous -- were causing distinct taste, color and odor problems with
increasing impact.

Due to a growing number of customer complaints as well as
stringent 2001 EPA regulations, the city of 27,000 residents became compelled
to find a remedy.

The City of Pascagoula turned to Osmonics of Minnetonka,
Minn., to provide a viable solution for the removal of undesired
characteristics from their water supply, ensuring compliance with existing and
2001 EPA regulations.

To effectively remove salt and contaminants from the water,
a reverse osmosis (RO) system was first implemented using a semipermeable
membrane. This unique component employs small pores which allow water molecules
to pass through, while acting as a barrier to dissolved solids like salt and
other organic compounds responsible for color. Forcing the water to move in the
reverse direction by applying pressure to the high concentration area, pure
water flows through the membrane, leaving the salt behind.

Osmonics' process of combining low energy RO in tandem with
ozone generation and contacting equipment proved to be the optimal solution to
Pascagoula's water deficiencies.

Working in conjunction with RO, ozone polishes RO permeate
by oxidizing remaining color and removing dissolved hydrogen sulfide. Ozone
produced from oxygen results in a highly productive method of water
purification which attacks and destroys viruses, bacteria and other
contaminants up to 3,000 times faster than chlorine.

In 1999, the project's first phase commenced with the
construction of buildings, piping and necessary utilities for the 4.5 MGD
(million gallon/day) filter system at Community Street and Bayou Casotte Water
Plants. Immediately thereafter, the specialized filtration equipment was
installed, thoroughly inspected, tested and implemented with great success.

Pascagoula, the first municipality in the United States to
use RO followed by ozone to produce drinking water, flipped the switch to their
high-efficiency Osmonics RO/Ozone water filtration system in early 2000.

After applying Osmonics' practical interplay of membrane
technology and ozone to municipal drinking water, Pascagoula's residents have
enjoyed remarkable results. Osmonics' advanced technology dramatically transformed
water purity by virtually eliminating salts, color and disinfection

Water sample comparative testing before and after
implementation shows sodium, chloride and total dissolved solids levels
diminished by 90 percent. Also significant, color and disinfection by-products
are sharply lowered by 95 percent. Even more, the environment-friendly
treatment requires 87 percent less added chlorine.

With this new filtration equipment in place, water taste is
now highly rated, sodium-free levels are achieved, and odor-producing hydrogen
sulfide gas is completely eliminated. In addition, it is widely reported that
staining no longer occurs on bathtubs and fixtures and laundered clothing
appears cleaner and fresher, while using less detergent.

Osmonics manufactures and markets high tech water
purification, fluid separation and fluid handling systems, as well as
replaceable components used in purification, filtration and separation
equipment for a broad range of industrial, commercial, institutional and residential

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