Researcher Turns Wastewater into Electricity, Awarded Paul L. Busch Research Grant

The Water Environment Research Foundation (WERF) Endowment for Innovation in Applied Water Quality Research presented the Paul L. Busch Award to Bruce Logan, Ph.D., at its annual subscriber luncheon during the recently concluded WEFTEC 2004.
Logan was selected for his research on microbial fuel cells and their application in the wastewater treatment process. The Paul L. Busch award carries with it a $100,000 research grant that will aid Logan in furthering this important work.
"It’s a remarkable discovery with the potential to significantly impact conventional wastewater treatment," says Glenn Reinhardt, executive director for WERF. "By creating a treatment process that generates a product with market value, such as electricity, the substantial costs of building, operating, and maintaining wastewater facilities may be offset."


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