Biological Treatment System Helps Philippines Plant Meet Regulations

The system helps the city generate a smaller carbon footprint and save more money

Quezon City in the Philippines has installed an STM-Aerotor Biological Treatment System from WesTech Eng. in the Baesa District, which serves 2,000 residents.

Only a fraction of the wastewater in and around Manila, the country's largest city, is treated today, and the government is now taking a more active role in the enforcement of the Philippine Clean Water Act of 2004.

Milestones and goals are being mandated by the government for the treatment of the wastewater generated by roughly 13 million residents, representing a tremendous need for simple and cost-effective systems.

In order to meet new government standards and provide a simple and cost-effective treatment system, the city selected the WesTech system for its ability to meet regulations, fit into a tight footprint and use much less power as compared to other technologies.

Power consumption for the system is about 80% less than conventional sequencing batch reactor technologies, which are common in the Philippines. It also uses both integrated fixed film and activated sludge technologies as part of a process that provides biological treatment for municipal wastewater.

The system in Baesa is the first of its kind to be installed in the country.

The treatment plant was constructed in the middle of an existing community and was installed in a building made to look like the other homes in the neighborhood.

“After visiting Manila and seeing firsthand how polluted Manila Bay is, I know WesTech, in conjunction with our local partner First EnvironTech Alliance, can make a difference by providing a cost-effective solution for helping to clean up the polluted waterways and bays,” WesTech Group Leader of Process Applications Jon Richens said. “Our installation is already making a difference for the environment and the quality of life for the people who live there."

WesTech Eng. Inc.

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