Jun 02, 2009

R. W. Beck Partners with Wichita, Kan.

Firm helped the city save at least $16 million on new surface water plant

As the City of Wichita’s Program Manager, R. W. Beck helped the city save at least $16 million on the estimated costs for its new surface water treatment plant associated with the city’s Aquifer Storage and Recovery Program.

Working with the city, R. W. Beck implemented a competitive pricing strategy for the design-build contractor procurement. The firm conducted in-depth interviews and reviews of the contractors’ price proposals, and the firm’s experienced construction estimators verified pricing strategies, production rates, sub-contractor pricing, and labor quantities. Through its strategy and insight, R. W. Beck confirmed that the city could save millions of dollars under the engineer’s estimated cost for the plant.

“R. W. Beck was involved from day one in this procurement process. By helping Wichita with an efficient, competitive procurement, the city will save more than 20% of the initial project estimate,” said Tom Jacobs, senior consultant and program manager.

R. W. Beck will work with the city on a dozen construction projects that will be designed and built within the next three years as part of the Aquifer Storage and Recovery program, which will help establish a future water supply to meet the city’s needs for the next 50 years.