Jul 02, 2009

QuakeWrap, Inc., to Rehabilitate Pipeline in Costa Rica

Company will utilize FRP system to line the 1.1-mile pipeline outside San Jose

QuakeWrap, Inc., a Tucson, Ariz.-based company, was awarded a contract with Ghella S.p.A. for rehabilitiation of a 1.1-mile-diameter pressurized pipeline approximately 70 miles outside San Jose, Costa Rica.

QuakeWrap will line the inner surface of the entire pipeline, which conveys river water under pressure from the source to the power generating units at El Encanto. Due to problems in the structural design ,the pipeline developed longitudinal fissures that extend the length of the pipeline; these fissures caused major leaks upon pressurization of the pipeline. QuakeWrap’s solution should increase the original design pressure by approximately 90%.

The FRP installation started in mid-June and is scheduled for completion in mid-July.