Oct 03, 2006

PWL Enters China’s Water Treatment Market

Now that the Yuan He Water Treatment plant has been completed in Yichun, China, Pinang Water Ltd., will now enter the China water treatment market.

The plant was launched last month, and the Star Online reports that it produces 50 million MLD, and caters to approximately 400,000 consumers in the town in the Jiangxi province.

Jaseni Maidinsa, PWL senior manager, said that phase two of the plant should kick off by 2009, and by 2011, the water capacity should increase to 100 MLD.

Another RM31 million ($3,925,392) will be used for phase two. Currently, the project has used only 40 percent of the nine-acre site.

In July, PWL signed a build, operate and transfer agreement with the Yichun City government to construct the plant. PWL also signed a sale of water agreement with Yichun Water Supply Company for 29 years.