Dec 13, 2006

Purolite China Receives Approval from Deqing EPA

Purolite China, Ltd.’s Hangzhou production facility has passed the Deqing EPA’s Environmental Assessment & Inspection, certifying that the plant satisfies strict Chinese legislation covering industrial discharge. The ion exchange resin company invested 22,400,000 RMB to improve and increase its environmental treatment facilities.
The EPA assessment consisted of an in-depth, three-month evaluation of wastewater and air samples from both the production facility and its surrounding neighborhood. The results were then reviewed by a team of environmental experts to determine whether the company’s production practices conform to the Chinese national standard.
“Purolite has been a pioneer in developing products that have the minimum possible effect on the environment at all of our plants worldwide,” said Mr. Don Brodie, vice president. “The multi-million dollar investment at our Hangzhou site will not only benefit the environment but also expand and modernize our facility as we incorporate the latest production technologies into our operation.”
Purolite’s involvement in China began in 1995. Its Hangzhou site is currently manufacturing the full range of Purolite products.