Nov 15, 2010

Pure Technologies Announces Three New Contracts

Three projects in Ontario, Canada, are worth over $1 milllion

Pure Technologies Ltd. announced it has recently been awarded three new contracts in Ontario, Canada, for a combined value of over $1 million.

For the first project, in the region of Peel, Pure will provide pipeline leak detection, inspection and condition assessment services for three different pipelines spanning 19 kilometers. SmartBall leak detection and P-Wave electromagnetic inspection technologies will be used as part of the program. Pure’s subsidiary, Openaka Inc., will provide visual and sounding inspections, followed by an engineering analysis report. The pipeline system supplies drinking water for over a million people in the region.

The second project is for the regional municipality of York. As part of a wastewater pilot project, Pure will provide leak and gas pocket detection using SmartBall, as well as robotically assisted video and P-Wave electromagnetic inspections.

As part of the third project, for the city of Ottawa, Pure’s PipeDiver electromagnetic inspection technology will be used to inspect the 48-in. pre-stressed concrete cylinder water transmission main. This main, which spans over 8 kilometers, is a critical source and supply pipeline of treated water for the city.