Sep 04, 2009

Pure Revolution Designs Water Purification System for Rural Mozambique

Country is dependent on upstream neighbors for 50% of surface water

Pure Revolution custom-designed a PureOFlow water purification system and donated it to a remote village in Mozambique, improving conditions for its citizens.

Mozambique’s limited access to raw water supplies makes it dependent on its neighbors upstream for about 50% of its surface water. Roughly 75% of the population in Mozambique relies on groundwater sources. Mozambique is also particularly vulnerable to cyclical natural disasters such as floods and drought.

According to published reports, only about 43% of the Mozambican population has access to an improved water source, and only 32% has access to adequate sanitation. UNICEF reported a few years ago that unsafe water and poor sanitation were responsible for almost 55 childhood deaths daily. Furthermore, it reported that the country had one of the highest child mortality rates in the world: 246 out of every 1000 live births die within their first five years. Thirteen percent of these deaths were directly attributable to a lack of access to clean water, proper sanitation and poor hygiene practices.

Tom Cartwright, CEO of Pure Revolution, said, “While the main causes of death are diarrhea and cholera, let’s not forget that this region of the world has high-prevalence rates of HIV/AIDS, and particularly in cholera-affected regions.”

The system PureOFlow designed and delivered is a non-electric water purification system for the people in this village. Up until now, their water was so bad they could not even grow their own crops. After the PureOFlow system was installed two weeks ago, they have clean, healthy and safe drinking water along with water for irrigating their fields using two modified LifeOPure systems with special pretreatment.

The PureOFlow reverse osmosis system removes up to 98% of the substances found in water, both natural and manmade contaminants.