Xylem launches ‘Great Pumping Moments’ Campaign

Will promote new Flygt Ready dewatering pumps

Xylem Inc., a global water technology company focused on addressing the world’s most challenging water issues, has launched a unique marketing campaign to promote its new range of Flygt Ready, on-the-spot dewatering pumps.

The ‘Great Pumping Moments’ marketing campaign celebrates the fact that the Flygt Ready pumps are robust, compact and very easily serviced resulting in a long-lasting, durable pump. The campaign aims to communicate that Ready pumps are ‘pumps for life’ that can be used anytime, anywhere. Three different print ads have been created: in one scenario, the pump owner reclines on his boat, his trusty Ready pump by his side, while in another, the pump owner, now retired, enjoys a relaxing moment on his porch with his faithful Ready for company.

A ‘Create your great pumping moment’ application invites people to have some fun by uploading an image of themselves, a colleague or friend and superimposing it onto one of the ad scenarios. Additional layers of the Great Pumping Moments campaign are planned where Ready owners will be invited to enter photos of their pumps in action, upload case stories and video testimonials.

Fredrik Holm, communications manager for Xylem’s Flygt Ready range said, “’Great Pumping Moments’ is a light-hearted campaign that aims to highlight how Flygt Ready pumps are unique on the market in terms of serviceability. They are exceptionally durable pumps, intended for a long life of repeated use and can be used where other pumps simply cannot fit. Ready pumps are, as their name suggests, available for ‘great pumping moments’ time and time again. People can have some fun online by uploading their photo and creating their own ‘great pumping moment’.” 

Xylem, which was spun off from ITT Corp. in 2011, specifically designed the new Flygt Ready pumps for on-the-spot dewatering at construction or industrial sites, manholes or emergency situations. The smallest of the Flygt pumps, the Ready range, is designed for use in small- and medium-sized applications, removing water, abrasive and corrosive liquids, contaminated water and water containing sand and gravel.

Adaptable and portable, the Ready pumps feature a removable top that allows quick access for cable changes and component replacements. By servicing the replaceable components, instead of disposing with the pump and buying a new one, users can lower the total cost of ownership as well as reducing the environmental impact.


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