California WEA Panel Discussion to be Held in April

Xylem representative will join panel to discuss flushables

California Water Environment Association Xylem

The California Water Environment Assn.’s Cutting Edge Technology Committee will hold a panel discussion in the Palm Springs Convention Center on April 18, 2013, which will focus on the problematic "flushables" issue in modern trash/wastewater. Immediately following the panel discussion in the same session will be a 25-minute presentation about the related technical aspect: Cutting Edge Technologies.

Both topics are timely in the industry, as numerous pump/lift stations around the nation struggle to handle non-woven, modern cleaning and hygiene wipes now commonly used, which do not dissolve in water. Xylem announced that a representative from their Flygt brand of pumps will participate as a member of the expert panel for the Cutting Edge Collection Systems Solutions Session in the dispersibles/flushables discussion as well as present his technical paper: “The New Wastewater Collection System Challenges Caused by Modern Trash.”

Bob Domkowski, Flygt's municipal business development manager, will present the current state of collection system problems caused by flushables and highlight the success end-users have achieved when employing the latest hydraulic technologies. The dispersible/flushable issue has been tackled by Flygt's N-Hydraulics at many lift stations around the nation, and at the influent side of many wastewater treatment plants. In addition to their capability to pass most "modern trash,” the pumps are also energy efficient and cost effective.



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