Jan 27, 2013

Aurora Pump Launches IntelliBoost System

Constant-pressure variable-speed booster system is tailored to freshwater applications

Pentair has announced its next-generation Aurora IntelliBoost constant-pressure variable-speed booster system, featuring new elements to efficiently manage complex water systems in commercial, industrial and municipal buildings. The innovative IntelliBoost is specifically tailored to freshwater applications and offers the state-of-the-art Pentair Variable Frequency Drive for each pump. In addition, a programmable logic controller (PLC) with a proportional integral derivative (PID) loop can stage up to four pumps, based on the pressure and flow needs of the building.

“The upgraded PLC controller will be a helpful new addition for the system operator,” said Robert Mueller, systems product manager for Pentair’s Aurora Pump. “It allows users to simply select how they want the pumps to be utilized, such as programming sequence pumps by time or selecting a permanent lead pump, without the need to physically change the controller or require special programming. As another added bonus for our users, the new controller comes equipped with an auto-detect function that will automatically adjust the pumps’ start and stop times to maximize the booster systems efficiency while increasing the life of the pumps and saving both time and money.”

Designed with simplicity and convenience in mind, IntelliBoost also features IntelliManager, which allows the operator to configure the system settings to their exact needs and control the system from anywhere in the world when the Ethernet connection is enabled. With a computer or mobile device, users can access a built-in Web page that displays the statistics and information needed to properly monitor the booster system. IntelliManager provides added security, as it constantly monitors performance and will sound an alarm if any of the predetermined tolerances are reached. The system will also automatically shut down if tolerances are exceeded.

IntelliManager also features maintenance alarms that deliver notifications to the user, providing ample time to schedule maintenance appointments in advance. Other new innovations include a touch-screen color display for easy-to-use systems management and full system access and password protection for increased security.