Feb 09, 2017

Severn Trent – North America Partners With Virginia Town

Partnership expands company’s footprint in the state

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Severn Trent – North America announced that the Town Council of Chatham, Va., has selected the company to provide management, operation, and maintenance of its wastewater treatment systems, as well as administration of the Industrial Pretreatment Program through a public-private partnership. The initial two-year contract includes additional five-year renewals, contingent on Severn Trent’s ability to lower costs and help the town generate additional revenue.

“By partnering with Severn Trent, we expect to be able to improve the efficiency of the wastewater treatment plant with the increased skill sets, experience and knowledge that they'll bring to the town,” said Chatham’s Treasurer and Clerk of Council Tim Hammell. “Severn Trent also brings an excellent safety record to the table. With their abilities, we anticipate improvements in the care and proficiency in handling the waste produced in and around the Chatham area.”

The Chatham system, which serves a population of 1,300, includes a wastewater treatment facility with a total treatment capacity of 0.625 mgd and two sewage pump stations. This is the second such partnership in Virginia for Severn Trent and expands its water/wastewater footprint, which includes operations in Danville, Va.

“Severn Trent is excited to partner with Chatham to provide effective, efficient and compliant wastewater treatment,” said Severn Trent – North America President and CEO Stephane Bouvier. “By providing resources and cost-effective solutions, such as obtaining state laboratory certification, self-performing regulatory analysis, and eliminating the cost of using a commercial lab, we are prepared to deliver measurable long-term benefits to Chatham.”