Jan 21, 2008

Puerto Rico Selects MARS Co. for AMR Integration Project

Project involves integrating approximately 30,000 meters

The Puerto Rico Aqueduct and Sewer Authority (PRASA) has selected MARS Co., Ocala, Fla., to integrate an estimated 30,000 water meters in the San Juan metro area. PRASA chose to adopt a turnkey integration approach to the project, choosing a company that could integrate the meters PRASA already had in the field with new meters.

PRASA chose MARS Co.’s proposal based on the proposal’s technical strength, proposed integration, cost competitiveness and the company’s superior performance in two rounds of field tests.

PRASA’s request for proposal was formulated to address their needs, which required reading all meters in a condominium and being able to pass information to a customized application to input the reading to a billing application.