Aug 23, 2007

Public Meeting of Total Coliform Rule Distribution System Advisory Committee

A public meeting of the Total Coliform Rule Distribution System Advisory Committee (TCRDSAC) will take place on Tuesday, Sept. 18, 2007 (8:30 a.m. to 6 p.m. EDT) and Wednesday, Sept. 19, 2007 (8 a.m. to 3 p.m. EDT). The purpose of the meeting will be to discuss the purpose, efficacy, applicability and implementation of the Total Coliform Rule (TCR), a range of information that can be used to characterize and potentially revise the Rule, what distribution system issues affect water quality, and criteria for prioritizing distribution system issues.

Topics to be discussed in the meeting include: the framework for the existing TCR, which may include rule objectives, indicators used, and other related topics; summary of TCR issues; how utilities and States implement the TCR: a preview of information to be discussed in future Advisory Committee meeings; and distribution system elements that impact water quality and criteria for prioritization.

The Total Coliform Rule (TCR), which was published in 1989, set both health goals (MCLGs) and legal limits (MCLs) for the presence of total coliforms in drinking water. The rule also details the type and frequency of testing that water systems must undertake. The rule applies to all public water systems.

The meeting will be held at RESOLVE, 1255 Twenty-Third St., NW., Suite 275, Washington, DC 20037. Attendees should register for the meeting by calling Jason Peller at (202) 965-6387 or by e-mail to [email protected] no later than Sept. 14, 2007.