Jan 28, 2021



The SUPER SHREDDER® in-line disintegrator reduces a variety of liquid borne solids with a unique, low headloss design. 

This unit features heavy duty construction and effective operation in such tough applications as tar sands and dredging as well as sewage and sludge waste and process lines.

This unit reduces clogging and downtime resulting in tremendous plant savings and a fast payback of the initial cost. 

The SUPER SHREDDER® reduces solids to fine bits with a unique, high-flow, spherical rotor design.

The unit aggressively reduces tough solids from wood, rags, plastics, agglomerates, sands, oil waste, petrified wood and more with its powerful, high torque design. Because its design maintains a high percentage of open area, this rugged processor remains practically invisible to flow.

It quickly goes to work protecting pumps and enhancing the operation of process equipment. Plus, its innovative design makes this unit ideal for applications where high capacity and low headloss are essential.

The SUPER SHREDDER is simple to install in straight-through pipe systems and connects via 150# ANSI drilled flanges.  This 24” SUPER SHREDDER (SS2400) is driven by a direct coupled gear drive that employs up to a 50HP motor.  Its cutters are constructed in stainless steel with a precision Tungsten Carbide hardfacing to withstand a high grit environment. The hardfacing has many times the abrasion resistance of any alloy steel for long life and unequalled durability.   

This unit was provided with mechanical seals rated for up to 300 psi (20bar).


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