Dec 28, 2000

Automatic Samplers Designed to Improve Efficiency, Control

ISOLOK® automatic samplers offered by Bristol Equipment Company in Yorkville, Illinois, draw measured portions of liquids or slurries on command from electrical or all-pneumatic controls. Actuated by a single compressed air cylinder, for greater safety in dusty or volatile environments, the sampler taps process streams moving through pipes or vessels pressurized up to 300 psi, as well as troughs or tanks. The sample path always remains completely enclosed to avoid spillage, sample or process contamination, and exposure of personnel or plant environment.

Standard ISOLOK designs draw samples of 3cc, 8cc, 10cc or 25cc by positive displacement with each cycle, with custom sample sizing available. A wide range of cycle controls is offered, including automatic time-base, flow-proportional, manual cycling and PLC (programmable logic controller) interface modules.

A simple, reliable design with only one moving part, the ISOLOK sampler mounts through an access port installed on the process equipment. The sampler body encloses a plunger that extends to penetrate the process stream then immediately withdraws. Samples are trapped in an annular ring at the end of the plunger, drawn into the sampler body, and transferred directly into an attached container or transfer line.

The samplers mount on process lines or equipment by NPS threads, instrument hub, ferrule clamp or ANSI flange, and can be fitted with electric or steam heat
jackets for sampling molten materials. An auxiliary top body port allows for air or gas ejection of sticky or easily compacted materials, or recapture of any process gases that emerge with the sample.

Special seals encircling the plunger at both ends of the annular ring keep the access port closed and the process material isolated regardless of plunger position. A variety of process-contact seal materials accommodates different job requirements, including EPDM or polyurethane elastomers in both general purpose and FDA-recognized grades, plus PTFE fluorocarbon. Wear-resistant flex designs, pressure containment seals, lip-type wiping seals and metal discs are available.
All ISOLOK samplers are ruggedly built of type 316 stainless steel, with chrome-hardened body bore to resist abrasive wear, providing reliable service under a wide range of operating conditions. Other metals are available on special order to suit unusually demanding applications. All models require compressed air at 30 psi minimum pressure for operation.

Custom designed sampler control stations and automated multi-sample collection devices can be provided by Bristol engineers to meet virtually any process sampling requirement – including interfacing with fully automated production systems.

Bristol Equipment Company, founded in 1964, offers a broad line of automated sampling devices for liquids and slurries, as well as dry flowable solids. Other products include automatic belt-conveyor samplers, cleaning systems for railroad tankcars and tank trucks, plus protective shields for debris-slinging machinery.

For further information, phone Bristol Equipment Company at 630-553-7161.

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